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Sunless Eclipse
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I look at the date on my tablet’s calendar. 3rd September 2081. I only have less than twenty days before solitude reaches its final peak. I will be a century minus ten years. Each morning, I swallow a tablet supposed … Read More

NEWS: festival
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Affinity will be exhibited in a brand new London photo festival in the galleries Ambika P3 and SO. I will also be participating in an artist talk evening with Eva Stenram and Miki Soejima on Friday 3rd November! Join us by … Read More

Un Fotoromanzo – V/2
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Chapitre V Partie 2 Onze heures et demi sonnèrent. Elisa, qui avait augmenté le son de la radio « pour ne pas s’assoupir », ronflottait sur son siège, la tête penchée vers l’avant dans une position inconfortable qui présageait un mal de … Read More